Something other than not writing.

There was no in-between: either she was hungry or she was full. Between those two states, she forgot to think about the workload of her digestive system at all.

Was there too much or too little to process?

She didn’t know.

Plenty of other things screamed for her attention: the buzzing of her cell phone on the desk, the resulting rattling of little clips and pens, and her eyes involuntarily flitting toward the phone.

Then the grim regret. Should’ve put the thing on Do Not Disturb. It wasn’t like she could afford to be distracted, because it wasn’t like she’d been hyper-focused on the screen on which she should’ve been focused before the distraction: the screen of her keyboard-connected iPad, not the one of her keyboard-less “smart” phone.

She was supposed to be typing like mad. Be in a flow state. Go to a place of nothingness, where she disappeared and the thing about which she was writing emerged.

But the buzzing. And now, the realization that her stomach was softly grumbling.

Ah, so she was hungry, instead of full—one of the only two stomach-states of which she seemed to be aware at any given time.

Brilliant. She could taste the impatience. This had happened countless times before. Now she wasn’t gonna write for the day. Or more like, she was gonna tell herself that she was gonna come back to writing later tonight, but wasn’t gonna. Already, she could smell the pizza she’d planned on ordering for dinner.

Might as well order it early.

Put the phone on Do Not Disturb tomorrow.

Then maybe tomorrow, she could write about something other than not writing.

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